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To Watch List-- One Year Update

Cons tend to make me realize that I haven't watched enough anime/read enough manga. So! Maybe a list will keep me straight.

Sparked by a guy asking me: "So, what's your favorite series?"
And I was unable to answer, because while I've seen some stuff, I haven't seen something awesome enough to claim it as my favorite.

UPDATE: A year later, I have fixed this list a lot. :3 I can pick a favorite! Be torn, even!
like a To Do list, except notCollapse )

The end of the world as I know it

Two days ago, I graduated high school. (More like one day, but it is midnight, so.)

In a month exactly I'll be 18.

In about two I'll be out of the house, and a 6 hour drive away at least from any of my relatives and my best friends.

Also hopefully sometime this summer I can scare up a new used car, because mine has begun making exciting rattling noises and stopping suddenly on the highway. Like, three times in a 15 mile stretch.

I'm so excited.
And I'm so terrified.

It's not exactly a dream come true
I think it'll do in a pinch.

(maudlin sentimentality is on a permanent TBC status)
...so because of the Create-Your-Own Sailor Scout I'm now torrenting all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon.

This is the best worst idea ever. ^-^ It's taking up like half of my remaining hard drive.

I wish I knew sub or dub. I'm fine either way, but I'm curious to know if I'll be getting cousins or lesbians.

It's the good life

Spamming (read: posting more than about four times a year) always makes me overly fond of lj cuts. This is probably a blessing.

A balance that may lead me to believe in karmaCollapse )
Today, I have
-helped resurrect Rodnay Shepard for use in Mass Effect 2, and holy crap it is beautiful. After school productivity is going to suffer enormously, because that is a game that must be played. (And must be played again, male, in order that we may romance Tali. Because, yes. Yes yes yes.)
-finished watching Merlin S1, now that S2 has already completely played out in the UK. This originally felt very lazy of me, but then I realized that torrents are going to be out by now.
-picked up a fake British accent from watching too much Merlin and reading too much Good Omens/ Merlin/ Harry Potter fic. :shrug:
-drove a frozen car (to the point where I could hear the creaking of the ice as I went around turns, yay!)
-accidentally tore the rubber thing that goes in between the bottom of the door and the part where it hits the body of the car because the car was frozen.
-didn't, in fact, pay off my rapidly mounting library fines. One day they'll let me check books out again. :(
-gotten Lady GaGa stuck in my head multiple times, I think I should just disinherit any claims to musical snobbery and admit that I like her.
-received my MGS fanbook thank you KA!! heeee <3 <3 <3

Is it totally weird to think "I should go read some Arthurian myth now because I never liked it and maybe Merlin changed my opinion" and then say, "oh no, I couldn't, spoilers!!1!" ? Because all signs point to yes. |D even more hilariously is that none of this has stopped me from reading any and all fic for the series after being two episodes in something like 7 months ago. But I just need to know if Uther/Morgana was ever canon.
Obsession of the month: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
I saw it first a week ago. I have seen it 13 times since. At least. Oh my god this musical is amazing and I love it so very, very much and I think I am going to end up watching "How I Met Your Mother" just to see Neil Patrick Harris because he is so damn cute, etc, etc, if Neil Patrick Harris drags me into RPS, I will cry. My very soul will weep, and oh, I need links.

And I'm going as Captain Hammer for Superhero day tomorrow. School spirit days may be hilariously stupid (see: salad dressing day), but I am going to exploit that for all it is worth. Yessssss.

Also! PSP! As soon as I figure out how to make torrented games get from here to there, I will be in awesome shape! Aaaah, a brand new day opportunity to be even more gay and consumer-whorish for Kojima!

Funny story, actually; You know when your friends have TV, and the dust builds up, and you get bored and just start writing Dr. Horrible quotes all over it? And then realize a day or two later you wrote Dr. Whorable? In large, capital letters across the top of the screen (right next to singing cowboy lyrics)? Yeah...
I need fic for that.
"The Romans loved roses. The Emperor Nero was believed to have had an extravagant rotating banquet hall in which rose petals cascaded from the ceiling." So sayeth BBC.

Liiiiike.. this?Collapse )

Okay, so it's not exactly a banquet hall but profusions of cascading rose petals can only equal Utena. And, I guess, bad Roman emperors.

Funnily enough, the article mostly just talks about blue roses, which clarified some of Blood+'s symbolism. For example, did you know blue roses symbolize mystery, or the attempt to attain the impossible?

Other News: First college acceptance letter, full ride to the local girl's college. \o/


So a million years ago, I joined Spectrum Nexus because I like having a lot of places to read manga online, and also because of the promises of monthly giveaways.

Which I just won. :more incoherent flailing here:

Now I have to decide what ten manga I want. Help?
PROTIP: No matter how delicious and fulfilling a few granola bars are, they do not enable one to donate blood without unfortunate side effects.

Ah well. Maybe next blood drive.


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