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It's the good life

Spamming (read: posting more than about four times a year) always makes me overly fond of lj cuts. This is probably a blessing.

Bad: The fact that this week is stretching out longer than any week has a right to stretch. (and it's only Mon..Tuesday.
Good: Walking out to my car to find it covered in Post-It notes and notebook paper. It was drawing a lot of attention, because each note was a love note with a heart or a flailing declaration of love or a (doomed to be unfulfilled) promise of sexual favors (or a reminder to keep my doors locked, heh). It took me at least five minutes to peel everything off of my car and it was the best surprise ever.
Bad: I'm not playing Mass Effect 2 right now.
Good: Since I can't play Mass Effect 2, I played Persona 3. (story!) Around the end of summer vacation, a film festival plays to raise your stats and possibly your relationships. I skivved on most of them, because I have other important MMORPGS relationships to raise, but I went to the movies with Mitsuru. To be specific, I went to go see a romance movie marathon with Mitsuru, which somehow raised my Academics, which maxed out my Academic stat, which means I CAN NOW stalk DATE MITSURU TO MY HEART'S CONTENT OMG OMG OMG.
Bad: I had to stop playing Persona 3 because it turns out I sent Auburn a blank form for part of my application, and I couldn't recover the document I originally typed up. I sent in the makeup four minutes after the final closing of applications, so, hopefully they'll be kind.
Bad: Typing up this stupid thing (again!) prevented me from even pretending to do my Physics homework. I don't understand and the test is on Thursday, yay~
Good: ... Mass Effect 2! A-and Code Geass and Sons of Anarchy queuing up on my desktop.
Amusing: Our church celebrating "Sanctity of Life" month and I now have at least four "Crisis Pregnancy Options" pamphlets floating around my room.

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